Party with Big Bill the Clay Oven


We had a pre-Xmas wood-fired pizza party on Saturday. The week had been VERY wet but became dry on Saturday morning. And as soon as I started the fire in Big Bill my clay oven, the sun came out to party with us! The weather god does reward those who had faith!

3:00 pm: Started fire. Sun came out 🙂 Yes let’s get ready to party!

3:30 pm: Fire dancing inside Big Bill’s belly. Time to start kneading bread and pizza dough.

5:00 pm: People started to show up. Set up slack line and keep a small fire going inside Big Bill while more pizza eaters turns up.


6:30 pm: Pizza time!

10:16 pm: After everyone’s happily fed, and oven cooled down a little, cheese and fennel twist + blueberry muffins go into the oven. Oven temperature 260 C.

10:40 pm: Previous load comes out. Collard, ricotta and blue cheese quiche and sourdough ciabatta go in. Oven temperature 220 C.

11:15 pm: Everything else from the previous load comes out except quiche. 3 Focaccia go in. Oven temperature 180 C.

11:50 pm: Everything comes out and a pot of chicken with soy sauce and lemon juice goes in, as well as a pot of kumaras (that’s what we call sweet potatoes in New Zealand). Oven temperature 160 C. These babies will slow roast till I wake up tomorrow 🙂 Meat slow cooked like this really melt in the mouth! Thinking about it will give me a good dream tonight!

11:30 am the next morning: Take out chicken and kumara. Oven temperature 90 C! Decides on the spot to put in 1.5 Kg of museli to toast.

Oh Big Bill I love you!


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