Peak Hill – a wee Gem by Lake Coleridge

Peak Hill is really a wee gem. It’s basically the ONLY peak I’m happy to climb again and again (I’m always looking for new peaks to climb!) The view at the top is simply stunning whichever season. Also peaks in this area enjoy unobscured view the entire way up, whereas most of the mountains between Christchurch and the west coast are heavily bush-lined up to 1000 meters.

The fact that it only takes just over an hour to drive to the bottom of the hill from Christchurch, and 1.5 hrs to rock up to the summit, makes Peak Hill the perfect wee climb even if we slept in and couldn’t be motivated enough to find a new peak to visit.

This entire area used to be covered with glaciers thousands of years ago. The valleys are carved out by the glaciers, leaving the braided river bed you see in the pictures.

More track information can be found here.


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