Coffee, Cheese and Cocktails

I’m a very happy girl right now 🙂

We just went to Van Dam’s Cafe and bought chunks of yummy Dutch cheese. On the way home I wanted to have my head inside the cheese bag and just sniff in all that goodness.

In the shop, the cheese girl was saying how one of the old cheese we bought is great with wine – but I had better idea 😉 Kiwi Bird once joked I could live on cheese and coffee, and I think I really can. However I’d be happier if cocktails are also thrown in the mix!

Right now, having a yummy Dutch cheese board in front of me, and this Kahlua (coffee liqueur) cocktail in my hand, my top three addictions all being enjoyed at once! Oh yes, I’m a very happy girl indeed!

This cocktail I created has Kahlua, freshly squeezed orange juice and casis in it. The orange juice and casis really compliments good mature cheese -which is why cheese platter often has dried fruits.

To make this cocktail, stir ice with

  • 1 part Kahlua
  • 1 part casis (black current liqueur)
  • 1 part squeezed orange juice

Drain into a cocktail glass and sip.

Ah, heaven!


2 thoughts on “Coffee, Cheese and Cocktails

  1. It seems a little stupid to go and visit a “Dutch” shop overseas when I live in The Netherlands, but I think I *should* have made a stop here if only to check out how close it is to the real thing 🙂
    What’s not to like about Oud Dutch cheese? (drool) food of the Gods isn’t it?
    I DO wish I could send some of the cheeses from our fabulous local cheese shop to folks in NZ, sadly NZ customs has a big no-no on foodstuffs (sigh)
    Proost! (Dutch for : bottoms up!)

    • Ha thanks! Oh I LOVE Dutch cheese. The cheese I bought that day were all Dutch imported 🙂 LOVE the Old Amsterdam! Actually I think I’m yet to find an old cheese I DON’T like, and I don’t think it’ll ever happen! The Dutch owner of the shop said customs got tougher recently so he had to be really careful what he imports, else the entire shipment gets confiscated or sent back 😦 Boo!
      Speaking of the real thing, haha, very well you should want to make sure what we are getting are genuine! When we travelled to the Netherlands for the first time, we felt like we were lied to our whole lives coz cheese by the same name taste nothing like how they taste in NZ – obviously not the real Zealand! Haha! No wonder our Dutch friend who used to live here said NZ cheese tastes like butter and no more.
      Next time you are in Christchurch, remember to give us a shout!

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