A Pretty Birthday Cake for My Pretty Mommy

Happy Birthday to my sweet beautiful mommy!

My parents are in the process of moving to a different city that’s not within driving distance. I’m not entirely happy about this. In the future I may not get so many chances to celebrate their birthdays alongside them 😦 I have been very lucky to always be living in the same city with them until now. Now that mom and dad are getting older, Christchurch is just a bit too cold for their health.

I like putting in special effort to decorate cakes a few times a year for the special people in my life. I hope mom and dad will always be enticed to come and stay with me often, for the chats, coffees, and pretty yummy cakes.


5 thoughts on “A Pretty Birthday Cake for My Pretty Mommy

  1. looks lovely Imported Kiwi! I can share that feeling of living so close to parents for so long then living away as I miss mine terribly since moving to Sweden from UK. But skype is a great way to see them and hopefully it’s not too far for you to travel to see them now and then 🙂

  2. What’s this called? So I can see how to make it, ingredients & directions? Or can you give me that? O: it’s so beautiful and looks delicious!

    • Thanks, it’s just one of my creations. It’s chiffon sponge gateau with layers of creamed custard and fruits sandwiched in between. Then I just decorated it with more fruits and chocolate leaves made by smearing melted chocolate onto baking sheets. If you google chiffon sponge recipe, I’m sure you’ll find many recipes.

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