My Lunch Mess

Ok, it is not the most prettily arranged plate of food… But somehow I had the urge to show you what I’m having (erh…, half way through my meal… :-p) It’s a piece of rosemary sourdough bread topped with salads from my garden and yummy crumbled Dutch old cheese, drizzled with a little of this balsamic dressing, and some very good rapeseed oil*.

I’d been away for three weeks, and my vegetable garden exploded under Kiwi Bird’s neglect/lack of harvest. Most of the summer lettuces put their energy into producing the next generation for me during my absence. After pulling out these spent plants, I am very happy to find the cooler weather salads are growing well and supplying me with this yummy plate of spicy young greens and more!

Coming home after being away made me realised how much has changed in the way we eat over the years. Instead of going to the supermarket to replenish our food supply, I got straight into feeding my sourdough starter and making sourdough bread (in the bread maker), making my own muesli and yogurt, and foraging in my garden. And tomorrow I’ll have Big Bill the clay oven fired up for catching up with with good friends over good pizzas, and replenishing my freezer!

What do you do after coming home (other than plunging back into work)? (Oh that unfortunate aspect of life that is somewhat unavoidable… ;))

* We fell in love with nZeaola rapeseed oil a good while ago. It has a nice nutty taste that is somewhat similar to good olive oil. If you ever come across it, do give it a try!


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