What Other than a Fire for the Perfect Atmosphere?

Hmmm, perhaps also some pizzas? 😉

The days are getting shorter down under. On Saturday we fired up Big Bill the clay oven for some pizza time with good old friends. It was the first time we really had a pizza party in the dark.

It was good fun and we rigged up some last minute lighting solutions for the pizza making process. Making sure pizzas didn’t have a burnt crust became more a challenge than usual, but I’m sure my garden doesn’t mind all the burnt crust in the form of a hearty compost ;).

And as usual, I utilised all the stored heat in Big Bill’s walls for cooking loafs after loafs of bread, so Tina who’s visiting all from way from Germany could have a wonderful brunch with us before she left the next day.

Two focaccia, a ciabatta, two pizza breads (thicker than normal pizzas with just a few toppings), naans, and a plaited mushroom, feta and pesto loaf.

Oh, and I also stuck two pots of Moroccan lamb stew into Big Bill at the end of baking and kept the lamb in there for the entire night. The lamb really just falls apart! This is my absolute favourite way to cook lamb. I LOVE having it with couscous drowning in the stew – a real taste heaven!


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