Moroccan Lamb Stew – BEST LAMB EVER!!


I didn’t create the recipe. I found it here. I rarely stick to a recipe without making adjustments, but this one really is perfect!

Kiwi Bird loves lamb! I on the other hand, had never been a big fan of lamb. I always cook lamb for his birthday. Everyone at the dinner table always ahhhhh and ooooo their way through the various lamb I cooked over the years (especially since we have Big Bill the clay oven producing amazing meat!). However for me, it was always “well, it’s lamb” with a shrug – until I came across this amazing dish!

It’s all thanks to Mehdi who took Kiwi Bird and I to a wonderful authentic Moroccan restaurant in Brussels. My goodness I never thought lamb could taste THIS GOOD. Throughout dinner, I ladled buckets and buckets of the stew drowning my couscous. Just telling you about it makes my mouth water! Since then I vowed to find a recipe to complete my lust for that lamb tagine. I was so happy to find this recipe practically reproduces the same symphony in my mouth, my tummy and my heart. Thank you tallboy51 if you ever know how grateful I am for your recipe!

Two portions of Moroccan lamb stew - because one is so not enough! Don't worry if you don't have a tagine - a pot is fine.

So there, I urge you to try it! I guarantee you’ll love it! It’s not just a pot of lamb; it has about 3 times as much vegetables in it so you really do not need to make anything else to complete a meal. But really, you should make couscous to serve with this, because it is HEAVEN! If you need more convincing, I’ll have you know – even my mother in law who pretty much never ever consume lamb could not resist trying after the entire family around the table had seconds after seconds. And she approved! And I took that as an enormous culinary achievement!

I normally do this in a big pot (or two) and let it cook overnight in Big Bill at low temperature (between 100 to 130 C). You can do it on the stove, in a slow cooker, or in an oven. Just remember to really cook it over a gentle heat until the meat falls off the bone. I have tried using shoulder pieces and belly as well as shanks, and they all ended up being absolutely wonderful. (Oh and I don’t usually bother with seasoning or browning the lamb in step 1 and 4.) So really, try it! If somehow you don’t fall in love with it, I’m happy to take the entire pot off you thanks! 😀


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