Carpeted Mountaintop

On the ridge towards Mt Harper looking towards Taylor Range, Hakatere Reserve

Waddling through boggy land by Lake Emma was not without beauty either on a glorious autumn day

(p.s. Kiwi Bird was not impressed with me taking a photo of the grass because we were about to run out of daylight getting back to the car)


2 thoughts on “Carpeted Mountaintop

  1. KiwiBird should not worry, everyone knows the return trip is quicker becuase it’s usually down hill all the way 🙂 If you are happy having got your photos then you won’t be the one dragging your feet.
    I’M IMPRESSED with the tussock photos (if that helps any LOL.)

    • Ha thanks 🙂 But it was on the flat already and the bog was in places over-the-knee deep, and it was 6pm = sunset time… We had to use the headlights to finish the way back to the car. But yeah, I’m glad I got the shot too 🙂

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