Back to Cattlestop

It’s so nice climbing on the Port Hills again. The view we got on this recent climb was pretty spectacular. Cattlestop Crag is currently the only crag okayed by the city council on the Port Hills since the Christchurch Earthquake in February 2011. More info on the routes can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Back to Cattlestop

  1. Wow, that first photo made me instantly homesick and bought back a flood of memories.
    I’m not a climber (too scared of heights) but I used to run the Rapaki Track / Summit Road as training and LOVE this area of the Port Hills… that view… I close my eyes and I’m there again!
    (You made my day!)

    • Oh I’m glad! I was missing being up there terribly before they opened the crag. I had been up just walking around on the hills before the crag was opened but my fingers itched from missing the rocks.
      They still haven’t completely open the summit road. The section around Rapaki and the gondola is still closed and littered with huge boulders. The Rapaki track is open though which is nice.

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