Lady Daffodil

This is my favourite drink. Warms the heart on a cold winter night, and cools the head on a hot summer’s day 😉

I named it “Lady Daffodil” because it’s a twist on the “White Lady”, using lemon instead of lime.

Simply put one shot each of:

  • gin
  • cointreau
  • lemon juice

into a glass with ice and stir to serve.



5 thoughts on “Lady Daffodil

    • Hi 🙂 Your mix does have a big similarity. I’m not a fan of vermouth though – reminds me of cough syrup. Interesting you consider gin a rather unobtrusive “carrier” because I find gin to have its own characteristic perfume – however I guess brands can differ significantly.

      • Of course gin has a distinctive flavor, but it layers very well with liqueurs and juices. Most people who don’t like vermouth have been drinking very bad vermouth. Noilly Prat, Martini and Rossi, Gallo, Ponti, these brands all suck. Their products taste awful on their own, so why would you want to put them in your drinks? Carpano Antica, Dolin, Vya, and Cocchi are all much better. It also matters how you store them; vermouth is fortified wine, so it needs to be stored like a wine. On it’s side until you open it, and then in the fridge, preferably vacuum sealed. If you leave a bottle of vermouth open on a shelf at room temperature, it goes bad within a couple of days.

      • Fair enough, I don’t think I’ve tried a good vermouth then. I do love a good brandy/cognac and before I tried vermouth I was expecting it to have some of the same characteristics or be a bit like a dessert wine. (Does it?) I was disappointed and haven’t tried another bottle since. It’s not easy looking for good proper nips here. You are lucky with a good selection in US. I always try to get people to bring me proper tequila when I know they are travelling there. So hard to find a good bottle where I live without paying the equivalent of a house deposit for it!

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