Bread, Party, Cakes, Mountains, and an Extremely Good Coq Au Vin

Simple happiness can come from seeing flour, water and yeast turning into these.
Throwing hubby a pizza party.
Seeing his face when he was shown his cakes.
Dragging our bums up 1200m meters.
Getting these goodies out of Big Bill the clay oven at the end of a day.
Having a coq au vin that made me sing my way through dinner.

The breads in the first photo are: ciabatta, focaccia, and rye and sesame sourdough bread.

I picked up a trick for making coq au vin the other day from watching a french chef. I used to think I make pretty good coq au vin, but this time it’s oh sooooo amazing. The recipe is here. Along with the coq au vin, I also made two big pots of chicken stock in Big Bill for the first time.

A more detailed account of our climb to Mt Harper, Hakatere Reserve can be read here.


5 thoughts on “Bread, Party, Cakes, Mountains, and an Extremely Good Coq Au Vin

  1. I’m sitting in bed with a headache, cough and sore throat, tired, bored and not knowing what to do with myself… dosed to the gills on antibiotics… you can’t imagine how good that coq au vin looks right now.

      • Aw Thanks Imported Kiwi, that’s a sweet idea!
        I’ve spent the last week in bed,feeling wrung out and tired, trying not to cough. I can’t believe how much I’ve slept …This recipe looks FABULOUS!!!

        It’s these kind recipes that really show me the diversity of things that can be cooked in a clay oven…and only serves to increase my wish to have one one day 🙂
        Clearly it won’t fit inside our apartment… but if we ever move to somewhere with a garden, a clay oven is DEFINITELY on my “must have space for” list !!!

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