Kneading and Shaping High Hydration Dough for Holey Bread

I finally put together a video to show how I knead and shape high hydration dough, essential in getting those big pretty holes in the bread! I’m a semi-newbie myself and I hope my approach can help some of you, especially the shaping part. I figured out this way of shaping and doing the final rise of the dough, which I find relatively easy and I haven’t seen other people do it this way.

I normally let my bread maker do the kneading for me, but it can be done by hands as I’m showing in the video. Like I said in the video, if you are just about to begin your quest to holey bread, try the no-knead method first and just concentration on getting a feel for the dough and the shaping process in the beginning.

Good luck, have fun, and happy baking! 🙂

Video is around 6 minutes long, with the first half on kneading, and second half on shaping. I hope you like it 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Kneading and Shaping High Hydration Dough for Holey Bread

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  8. Hi. I left a comment under your video on YT but I wanted to say here as well that you are my hero 🙂 I started to believe in me again 🙂

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