Summer Time, Pizza Time, Fun Time

Can you tell what’s cooking?

It’s Mister Smiley Face!

Diego likes to keep an eye on everything in the garden from top of the fence.

We turned the leftover pizza dough into chocolate, almond and apricot filled dessert! Anja did a good job smashing up chocolates and chucking a whole pack into the dessert, and Kyle did more decoration once it’s cooked!

Then I made ciabatta as the sun fades. One of them is stuffed with chilli, lime and chocolate(!) Weird, I know. I read it in a friend’s recipe book and had to try it out. It was interesting, but nothing I’m dying to make again 😉

Leftover pizza toppings got turned into a stuffed focaccia.

Finally, a big pot of Tuscan bean and pork ribs soup got sent into the oven and bubbled away slowly overnight. It’s the first time I made this after a friend’s recommendation. Very good indeed! It’s made with lots of onions, carrots, celery, tomatoes, cannelloni beans, whole pieces of ribs, topped off with homemade chicken stock. Very hearty and sooooo good!

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10 thoughts on “Summer Time, Pizza Time, Fun Time

  1. Looks like even the cat wanted some pizza! Here in Sicily it’s always pizza time…breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner! In Trapani we have the famous RIanata, it’s a particular pizza typical of this area. I am following you! Buon giorno!

  2. Sigh… I look out of my window and see the damp, dark Winter garden and Summer evenings (sparse as they were in 2012) seem such a distant memory. Well, your pictures will have to keep me going till Spring. I did go out and peek at my oven and it hasn’t crumbled in all the rain and the recent hard frosts. The roof appears to be doing its job. But there are a lot of cracks in it and I think I shall remake it as soon as the weather permits (probably in April).
    I thought about firing it up one dark, frosty evening, with a fire pit nearby to keep us warm. But nobody really seemed enthusiastic about the idea and I would feel silly up there all on my lonesome.
    Interesting!: You use pyrex for your ribs & beans! I hadn’t thought of that. Did you get it clean afterwards?

    • Hi Pete 🙂 Good to hear from you. And great to hear your oven is still holding together well! If I were you I’d just keep using it until it gives in – you may be surprised with how well it lasts.
      I think you should fire it up to brighten up your winter days! I don’t really hold pizza gatherings in winter but I still fire it up for bakings – bread and stews to warm up the winter days. And if you are good at sharing, I’m sure your friends would be hanging around like flies in summer 😉
      I cooked the ribs in that big metal pot in the photo, but served in the pyrex (also nicer to photograph). I did use pyrex in Big Bill many times before and never had much problem cleaning up anything because the overnight stews are usually done with a gentle heat. A lid or other covering is required for anything I want to leave in there overnight or else the top tends to char.

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