The World didn’t End, Let’s Party


The world didn’t end; it’s party time!

xmaspizzatime20123 xmaspizzatime20121 xmaspizzatime20122 xmaspizzatime20124 xmaspizzatime20126

White chocolate strawberry dessert pizza – decadent!


Some smart caveman tried to soften cream cheese caveman style…


Did you think the white chocolate strawberry pizza was decadent?! This master piece was supervised under 8 watchful eyes.


Ta da! Double chocolate (white and milk) with strawberries and cashew nuts UBER decadent pizza!


As night falls, the Christmas lights came on. This is the only festive decoration we have around the house and the first time I ever put any on. (Can you make out the ciabatta waiting to go into the oven in the foreground?)

xmaspizzatime201215 xmaspizzatime201211

After a night’s partying, waking up to this was pretty awesome! (1 focaccia, 1 stuffed pizza-pie, 4 big ciabattas each being 1Kg were baked in three batches.)


And getting this out of Big Bill was even better! It’s the first time I tried my hands at “glazing” ham on the bone.


Yeah… not the prettiest glazed ham, but it’s sooooo tender and juicy! Look at it falling apart off the bone! I glazed it with orange zest, orange juice, fennel seeds and honey. It smells and tastes WONDERFUL! (The idea of the orange and fennel glaze came from this bread I recently created and really am in love with right now.)


I also roasted a pot of small tomatoes with garlic and rosemary. All that juice is from the tomatoes – no water added! It has a really nice flavour which I think will be beautiful served with roast chicken on Christmas day.

I have now just packed the ham into a big box and will join some friend for a night of camping by the beach. We’ll be back for Christmas with the family, then we’re off camping again in Golden Bay for lots of swimming, rock climbing, and just chilling out under the glorious summer sun 🙂 Merry Christmas to you, and thanks for “hanging out” with me all this year! I’ll see you in the new year!


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