A Day of Sun, Snow, and Breathtaking Loo View

Kiwi Bird and I took a spontaneous trip into West Matukituki Valley, Mt Aspiring National Park with a high pressure system sitting happily on top of it.


We took a day trip from Aspiring Hut to French Ridge, and were happy to be without a overnight pack on the steep root-bound ascent. It didn’t take long for us to get over the bushline and get a view of Liverpool Hut beneath Mt Barff.

FrenchRidge02 We got to French Ridge Hut for a well deserved lunch, followed by a loo break. The loo offers one of the best views in the country and no door.


After lunch, we decided to explore higher.

FrenchRidge04 FrenchRidge05 FrenchRidge06 FrenchRidge07 FrenchRidge08 I had a quick and refreshing nap.


Kiwi Bird was feeling on top of the world!


It’s always delightful finding pretty flowers in the harshest places. (The blooms are about 1cm in diameter.)

FrenchRidge11 FrenchRidge12 FrenchRidge13

On our descent, Mt Aspiring looked striking in the afternoon sun. I thought the ice would be too soft in this season for ice climbing, but we actually met other mountaineering parties who said the condition was excellent, and some of them went to the summit.


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