Cascade Saddle

On our second day at Aspiring Hut in West Matukituki valley, we went up to Cascade Saddle.


It didn’t take long to get an amazing view of the valley. (The above view faces downstream.)


The “pylon” is the highest point en route to the saddle, and provides a grand view towards the head of the valley and Mt Aspiring.


It’s pretty cool to see where we got up to on the previous day, which is about 3/4 down and 1/4 from the right on the photograph above.


The top of the massive Dart Glacier also comes into view from the pylon. Cascade Saddle is right on the edge of the sharp cliff.


We descended into Cascade Creek after lunch and continued our way to the saddle.


It’s pretty cool standing at the saddle, peering over the sharp edge.


The day grew windier as it passed, and we spotted the clouds drifting into the head of the valley as we descended. Perfect timing for getting going.


We got back to Aspiring Hut for a quick break, packed up our things, and headed out of the valley. On the way out, I couldn’t resist taking a close up photo of Sharks Tooth. It sort of reminds me of the Paungda Danda Wall on Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.


If you are interested to see more photographs of the region, I found these amazing images.


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