A Quiet Little Pizza Night


We had a quiet little pizza night.


Just a couple of friends, some yummy wood-fired pizzas, and big jugs of punch – made my aching back feel so much better.


As the night grew, we kept increasing the amount of chilli oil we doused on the pizzas.


The last one was too much for the boys, but we ladies kept our cool šŸ˜‰

QuietPizzaNight05 Bakings from the night are two fat slabs of focacce,



two loaves of 40% wholemeal, orange peel and walnut sourdough bread (65% hydration),


and two Christmas-inspired logsĀ filled with cream cheese, plum jam, orange peel, raisins, cashew nuts, cinnamon, and ground cloves.


This and the orange peel walnut bread were so popular with the family, I think I must repeat them.


Finally, I retrieved some well guarded treasures out of Big Bill the clay oven.


Okay, maybe not so well guarded…


But the treasures were intact – a pot of slowly caramelised onions and a pot of melt-in-the-mouth Masala Lamb. The guard had no interest in the onions, and thought I ruined the lamb with all those pungent spices (he particularly doesn’t like ginger!) – no wonder he dozed on the job… *tsk tsk tsk*


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