Epic Pizza Time

It’s been very hot and dry ever since Christmas. Thankfully the urban fire ban does not include pizza ovens, so we could still have awesome Big Bill pizzas.


Jenny took this little clip of the fire dancing in Big Bill – isn’t it cool?


We had quite a few friends turning up on this hot and sunny day.


We started off making a classy smoked salmon pizzas with dill and red onions.


Then people started developing bigger appetites and piling up the toppings. Catherine and Colin made some epic sausage pizzas with 3 types of sausages. I think their appetite had some helping from that morning’s big run.



And there were epic smoked salmon and mussels pizzas which requires expert skills to get them safely into the mouths and bellies.

After all the epic pizzas, when we thought we could not possibly eat anymore, someone said the magic word “marshmallow”.


So it had to be done. G-dub rushed out to get some from the shop. In the mean while, everyone had a go at the slack line in the garden so we could make some room for the epic dessert to come. When marshmallows turned up, we started making chocolate sauce-stuffed crust pizza bases, and topped them with dark and white chocolates (plus bananas and berries on some – super healthy!). When the bases were cooked, we piled on the marshmallows until they are all puffed up, warm and fluffy. The result was simply EPIC and AMAZING!


After all the epic dessert pizzas were finished, I shoved two big slabs of sourdough focacce into Big Bill around 11pm.


Then at 11:40pm, I loaded Big Bill with 2 x cheese and caramelised onions sourdough loaves, and 2 x orange peel and rosemary sourdough loaves. I mixed these dough around mid day, and shaped them around 9pm.


The candied orange peel and rosemary bread were soooo good. I love its smell so much, my favourite way to have this was simply on its own, and I practically inhaled it as much as ate it…


Finally, just before 1am, I took out the bread and stuffed Big Bill with a big pot of slow-cooked bacon hocks and two big pieces of pork belly. The bacon hocks stew was inspired by the spanish dish fabada. In the stew where bacon hocks, chick peas, dried broad beans, onions, carrots, celery, tamatoes, capsicum, thyme, bay leaves, and parsley. The meat were falling off the bone when I took it out the next morning. I took the big 10 Litre pot of stew and a loaf of cheese and onion bread to G+B’s new house, where 6 adults + a 2yr old pretty much polished off the whole lot in one go.


The pork belly were seasoned with a paste made with coriander, orange peel, fennel seeds, garlic, ginger, shallot, and sweet soy sauce. One dish came out succulent, juicy, and simply perfect. The other dish unfortunately cracked, so the juice evaporated too much, and the meat was slightly dry. So I sliced it very thinly, then cooked it again with some light stock and basil. The result was melt-in-the-mouth pieces, which went down amazingly over a steaming bowl of rice.



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