I love cocktails ūüôā I even sang a made-up song on my hens night titled “I love cocktails”. Here are my inventions and I hope you like them.

(Disclaimer: I have not copied my recipes from else where. If my made-up drinks happen to be the same/similar to existing recipes out there – great minds think alike!)

Alphabetical by major ingredient, spirit first, followed by liqueur.

  Ginger Cranberry Fling (brandy, gin, lemon and ginger beer)
  Cointreau Iced Coffee (Cointreau and coffee)
  Lady Daffodil (gin, Cointreau and lemon juice)
Summer’s Kisses (gin, strawberries and ginger ale)
  Survival Kit (Kahlua, casis and orange juice)
  Dear Tina (Kahlua and lemon juice)
  Complicated (white rum, Kahlua, dark grape and lemon juice)
  Pinky Promise (tequila, Frangelico, grapefruit and lemon juice)
  Long Puss (vodka, Cointreau and cranberry juice)
¬†¬†Cheater’s White Sangria (white wine, fruit juice and ginger ale)


2 thoughts on “Cocktails

  1. what about the “limoncello + coffee” cocktail, hhmm that one was good, but I am not quite sure if these were the ingredients at all… Do you remember?

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