Mt Catherine

MtCatherine1 MtCatherine2 MtCatherine3 MtCatherine5 MtCatherine4

700m Р2085m by Lake Heron, ascend via the ridge west of Home Creek and down Home Creek valley.

A fine day’s climb revives a tired mind.




We discovered a walk up to Patutu Peak, from where we could see the North Island. (I thought that was pretty exciting!)


Can you see the land across the sea? It was a very warm day and a little hazy, but the North Island is definitely there!


The Kaikoura Ranges had a dump of snow just two days before we were there, even though it’s well into November, which is our summer! I’m not complaining. I love snow capped mountains – don’t you?


Link to topomap.

Cameron Valley, Rakaia


Lovely or dreary?

To me, it’s one of the loveliest and most marvellous places on earth. However it also occurred to me it might be the complete opposite for some people. I’d love to hear what the above photo made you think.


Kiwi Bird and I hiked into Cameron Valley in Rakaia region on Saturday. We followed the river into the head of the valley. Continue reading