Balmy Autumn Pizza Night

The evening before Kiwi Big Brother and his lovely wife flew out across the ocean, we grabbed the chance and fired up Big Bill the clay oven and ‘played pizzas’ again. It was a very warm and balmy night, making it all the more pleasant to be enjoying pizzas and hanging out in the back garden with Big Bill.




Big Brother got really good at shoving pizzas in and out of Big Bill, and down the mouth. Somehow that did not seem to have any impact on how much he talked 😉


Diego the puss in boots watched the pizzas with very hopeful gaze, despite the vegetarian selection for the night. Continue reading


A Quiet Little Pizza Night


We had a quiet little pizza night.


Just a couple of friends, some yummy wood-fired pizzas, and big jugs of punch – made my aching back feel so much better.


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Thunderstorm Baking

Saturday was gorgeously sunny and hot, but with an afternoon forecast of thunderstorm, I thought it may not be the best idea to invite friends around for an outdoor wood-fired pizza evening. That didn’t stop me firing up Big Bill the clay oven though. I mixed up some sourdough in the morning, and Big Bill bread is just that much nicer than electric oven bread.


I fired the oven up around 4pm. While Big Bill was getting hot, I made some pizza and focaccia dough, as well as shaped the sourdough loaves. Just when I made a giant pizza for Kiwi Bird and I for dinner around 6pm, rain started promptly.


It wasn’t too much of a bother running in and out from the kitchen to relay bakings from Big Bill. The yummy wood-fried pizza was definitely worth it! (The rain never actually got very heavy.)


Then 2 trays of fluffy focaccia baked for 20 mins at over 250C. Half of one also disappeared into our bellies promptly. Continue reading

Fix an Empty Freezer with a Fire

It sucks to have an empty freezer! It almost never happens for me, but it did.

I’m so used to being able to raid the freezer when I don’t have the time or just don’t feel like cooking. So on a sunny Sunday, I put an end to my empty freezer problem with a fire! A fire in Big Bill my clay oven’s belly of course!

First we made some simple margherita pizzas with real Italian buffalo mozzarella. I was very happy when I found a pot reduced to half price at the supermarket the previous day.


Then we put some left over goat curry on and scoffed them off very quickly.


The last bit of goat curry wasn’t enough, so we topped the last one with cheese – and of course nothing can go wrong with that. Continue reading

Sunny Wintery Baking Day

0629 Big Bill Time - 8799

On a glorious mid winter sunny day, I decided it’s been too long since we had wood fired pizzas from Big Bill my clay oven.

We had Anna over and enjoyed a nice long catchup in the sun. Apart from pizzas, I also quickly grilled a few mackerels found at the fish mongers that morning. Diego my puss in boots happily finished off the special treats of mackerels heads, after having his littles paws smacked over the pizzas.

0629 Big Bill Time - 8800

Even though it was a sunny day, the temperature was low, and it had been hard to keep the oven as hot as usual. So after we finished the pizzas, Continue reading